Mischief Masks and Ashes of Arcadia founder Shannon Morgan was artistic from an early age and incorporates art into every element of her life. While studying anthropology at UCSC, she began conducting experimental archaeology with leather goods. After gleaning the educational information from her endeavor she let her creativity run wild and started designing leather masks for the new age. 

For Shannon, creating leather goods is an intricate process. She spent years learning different techniques, trying different types and thicknesses of leather, and selecting the best leather dyes. When she starts to draw out a new design she often is inspired by nature and incorporates abstract design elements to give each piece a unique look. Each collection is inspired by different themes so that her customers will have many choices for any event or look they seek.

Shannon spent a lot of time researching names and words that she felt truly represented her product before finding the perfect fit, Ashes of Arcadia. "Et in Arcadia ego" is a Greek proverb that translates to "Even in Arcadia, there I am". The idea behind the proverb is that no matter where you are, or who you are, we all die. There are two lessons to be taken from this proverb. The first is to respect each other regardless of possession or position. The second is to express yourself. Who are you? What drives you? What do you love and identify with? Masks are the perfect way to express your individuality. Shannon discovered through vending in person and interacting with her customers that there is always one mask that matches each person over all the others. Each mask is looking for its match.  With eagerness and love, she continues to design new items everyday. A few close and super talented friends joined in the effort.

After a few years of vending at faires and events, we have decided to represent ourselves as Mischief Masks by Ashes of Arcadia. Eventually, we will transition over completely to only Mischief Masks. We absolutely love Ashes of Arcadia, though the name does not directly elude to our product and customers found it difficult to remember. After careful consideration and a ton of brainstorming, we decided Mischief Masks will properly represent our product. 


For custom inquiries, or if you'd just like to say hi email mischiefmasks@gmail.com